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pray  for Doret, her family, her job.

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The Out of Abundance Foundation is a non-profit organization and all donated money is spent on the activities. The foundation acquires funds in various ways, including through gifts, donations, subsidies, endowments, bequests, legacies, et cetera. This can be from individuals, churches, government agencies and companies. The aim is to keep recruitment costs as low as possible

All board members volunteer and receive no compensation.

If you want to support the work of this foundation, you can do so once or monthly by transferring to the account below.

We are always looking for donors, one-off or structured:

Out of Abundance Foundation

IBAN: NL36INGB0008731700

(The Out of Abundance Foundation has an ANBI status and donations are tax deductible)

For any questions, please contact us. 

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